Frivolous Friday Fun: 2009-01-09

Connotation analysis

While reading about the new Palm Pre which runs on Palm‘s new operating system WebOS, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday I came across a posting “Palm’s new OS and the importance of connotation assessments” on by contributor Claudia Alvis.

Palm WebOS

Palm WebOS

Maybe they should have hired a linguist with experience in connotation analysis. I’m sure you remember Chevrolet‘s doomed Spanish-language ad campaign for their ‘Nova‘ which translates to ‘ does not go’. Claudia notes that “For those that don’t speak Spanish, ‘WebOS’ sounds like ‘huevos’ which is a slang word for testicles. So it would be like calling it ‘the Balls’.” Thank you, Claudia.

Let’s see, if this one makes the rounds like the Nova did and still does.

Have a great weekend!


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