Frivolous Friday Fun: 2009-01-23

Fun with Machine Translation: Instant Messaging with Instant Translation

As their website proclaims, “MeGlobe™ is fun and easy to use”. While employing machine translation may be fun to use in an instant messaging environment to talk to friends or acquaintances around the globe, it may also turn into funny which is why it made today’s column Frivolous Friday Fun.

Value Proposition

Over time this IM clients will get smarter and their value proposition can no longer be ignored. You can “just type in your own language and MeGlobe™ instantly translates your message into the language of your chat buddy!” One can only hope that with MeGlobe™ you don’t get ‘lost in translation.’

Try it out yourself

If you want to try out IM Chat with Language Translation, check it out at: