Automatic message translation in Gmail

Well, it’s finally here: Automatic message translation in Gmail.

After having had automatic translation of instant messages in Google Talk since December of 2007, and automatic translation of news feeds in Google Reader since November of 2008, Google today introduced automatic translation of email messages in Gmail.

Multilingual Communication
This is the third in a trifecta of translated Google applications that enable communication on different levels: Instant (Google Talk), time-delayed (Gmail), and time-delayed, one-way (Google Reader).

How to
Per Google’s instructions, ”Simply enable “Message Translation” from the Labs tab under Settings, and when you receive an email in a language other than your own, Gmail will help you translate it into a language you can understand. In one click.”

This is an important announcement. Google was able to cut in half the time from the last time it integrated automatic translation into an application. We will be seeing automatic translation integration into other Google products. There you have it, we’re moving one step closer to the universal translator, one step at a time.

What Google application will be next to integrate automatic translation technology? Share your thoughts in the comments area below!


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